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Frequently Asked Questions

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What information is requested to apply for equipment financing or equipment leasing?

Please see the credit information request.

Do I qualify for equipment lease financing?

Please see the general credit guidelines.

Are there up-front costs for a lease?

US Capital may request one or two advance payments equal to the amount of your first and last payments as well as a nominal documentation and filing fee. We do not charge an application fee.

What standards are used to determine credit worthiness of the business?

  • Time in business
  • Credit bureau scores
  • Trade and bank references
  • Dunn & Bradstreet reports


What is your process for financing equipment or leasing equipment?

We ask that you fill out our simple, one-page credit application. One of our Finance Specialists will review your application and upon approval, the lease documents are prepared and sent to you for signing. Once the documents are signed and returned to US Capital, a purchase order is issued to your equipment vendor. Upon delivery and verbal/signed acceptance by you, the vendor is paid and your lease is finalized.

What if the company usually pays cash

You may be able to acquire a lot more equipment through financing or leasing. You may be able to get better, more efficient equipment by financing or leasing as well as make more money and expand more quickly.

What types of leases does US Capital offer?

Virtually every type. It depends on what the customer wants to accomplish.

Does US Capital also offer tax-oriented and federal leases?


What financing or leasing term is available?

From 12 months to up to ten years depending on the equipment being financed or leased.

Does US Capital have the ability to offer custom financing plans?

Yes. US Capital offers many plans. For financing payment options, please click here.

Who owns the financed or leased equipment at the end of the term?

That depends on the type of financing or leasing arrangement. Sometimes you will have an option to purchase the equipment at the fair market value of the equipment. Other times you own the equipment outright for $1.00 and finally, you have the option of not owning the equipment at all.

How does US Capital determine the fair market value of the equipment?

No one can determine the fair market value of the equipment initially, because no one knows for sure what the equipment will be worth so many months from now. Companies like the fair market value option since it provides them with the lowest monthly payment possible today.

What is an equipment financing and leasing intermediary?

As an equipment financing and leasing intermediary, US Capital is able to achieve high approval rates for its clients because it works with many financial partners with varying credit appetites, diverse equipment interests covering a wide geographic area. Since US Capital is not a direct lender, it is generally able to satisfy more of the equipment financing and equipment leasing needs of even the most challenging credit profiles.

Who provides the insurance for the financed or leased equipment?

The lessee; however, if you would like US Capital to obtain insurance for the equipment you should notify us in writing of this.

What if the company wants to add additional equipment to the existing finance or lease arrangement or upgrade their existing products at a later time?

As your company grows, you can add products or upgrade existing products at any time.

Who pays any applicable use taxes or sales taxes on the financed or leased equipment?

The Lessee.

How long does it usually take to get a finance or lease approval?

Given these most challenging economic times, it takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the complexity of the credit profile. The credit application can be completed on-line, emailed, faxed or mailed to us at:

United States Capital Corporation
Phone: +1 312-675-6063
Fax: +1 312-264-0343