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Client Privacy Policy

United States Capital Corporation is committed to full integrity in all of our relationships with everyone. All personal information about our prospects and clients in our possession is provided privacy; both in the way we handle individual information and the entire data warehouse of information. Information security is of extreme importance to us.

We have strict provisions for the handling and guarding of information. Immediately upon learning that a record may need updating, we promptly contact that party and update the record to insure data integrity. The Chief Executive Officer of United States Capital Corporation is the compliance officer for the company, and is responsible for insuring that the information we have is only used in compliance with the law. US Capital understands that its employees must protect information and therefore each employee is instructed regarding our position on privacy matters.

Since our clients, financial partners, associates and shareholders view our processes of integrity and confidentially of paramount importance, we adhere to a need-to-know basis of information disclosure in compliance with the law. The company's privacy policy is subject to future revisions.